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I have a new addiction.  When I gave up my life-long beer drinking habit, I knew that it would dramatically alter my afternoon routines.   However, I never thought that I would replace sipping on a few beers with hours of playing poker online with a new family of friends.  Pokerist has me completely hooked. It’s fun and addictive.   It’s also a new way to meet friends and enjoy playing poker with players from around the world, in real time.


Every afternoon I look forward to hooking up with my new friends that I have met at the poker tables in the Pokerist site.  It’s amazing how poker exposes personalities and social attitudes.  Often, aggressive players tend to spoil the games for those that are just playing for the social experience. Clashes are not uncommon.


If you really want to sharpen your poker skills and learn how to take advantage of table position, aggression, intimidation, and an abundance of chips   … there are certainly opportunities to hone your skills.   Be prepared to take the heat, however, from players that are in the game for friendly enjoyment and a casual poker game.

You have an option to chat with fellow players if you desire.  You may also turn off the chat feature or turn off the chat for selected players.  You have the option of being unsociable if you prefer that style of play.  I personally enjoy meeting new players from around the world.  I believe that this aspect of the game is what makes the game extremely enjoyable and keeps me coming back for more.

You can register through your Facebook account (preferable for PC users), Xbox, or you can load the game App from the Apple/Mac App Store.  The upload is free.

There is no real money involved in the Pokerist games.  You are, however, able to purchase chips from within the game.  The average price is $1 per million chips.  There are also websites that sell chips at reduced prices, usually less than one-half the cost of chips purchased from within the game.

Sharing chips is prohibited and may result in temporary penalties such as limited communication and possible temporary playing suspensions.

Thus, albeit you are playing for play money, there is a potential cost involved.   You are given an initial amount of chips when you register your user name.  You may also win chips in the daily chip lottery, or receive chips from Pokerist after having a bad day at the tables.

If you are an experienced poker player, or a newbie, and would enjoy playing poker with others from all parts of the world,  give Pokerist a try.  You can find me at “462dave”.  I have experienced an incredible bond with my new poker family from England.  I enjoy sharing my afternoons with the Doggett family every day.  I am sure that we will meet in person someday soon, although we are separated by the vast Atlantic Ocean.  The world just keeps getting smaller.



9 thoughts on “Pokerist – Texas Hold’em Poker Online

  1. I LOVE this game and play it everyday. It IS great fun playing with people all over the world. I have a small problem that I wanted to ask your advice about. I usually play on my Iphone. I am not good at the touch keyboard-being that I was a blackberry user for a long time. The auto correct drives me crazy! It corrects you with totally the wrong words sometimes and makes your chat come out completely wrong! I clearly don’t know how to use it right. So I met this very nice man and one day my chat to him came out completely the wrong way and I think offended him. He has changed his name-I think-and his pic-at least for now-and I can’t find him to explain! He has deleted me from his friend list. So even if I do find him, how do I talk to him when he’s not a “friend”? Would you know?

  2. Hello Cindy, Thanks for the comment. If you go to “Settings” on your iPhone you can turn off “auto correct” by doing the following:
    1. go to “General”
    2. Select “Keyboard”
    3. Turn off “Auto-Correction”

    I hope this helps.


  3. Hi Dave. I play poker in too but there is too many people playing aggressive and i end up loosing all my chips most of the time. Why is there so many of them playing like that. And another thing, why rich people are so snobby sometimes not even answering some questions. Thanks for nice article.

  4. Also very adicted Pokerist is the worst game online I know (I plaid for 2 years). Statistics are not taken into account (lost almost all my hands with AA before flop). It’s made by donks for donks. Pokerist creator are just here to make money. I won’t recommand this game to a good friend of mine.

  5. Hi pal we are still playing and doing ok. We miss you so much and our fun on and off pokerist, best wishes mate both Marie and I love you very much and hope your good pal, think about you always

  6. Thanks for all the kind words Gary. You and Marie are often on my mind. I moved back to sunny California. I still get on Pokerist every now and, but I don’t have many chips and I often go broke trying to increase my chip count. I refuse to buy chips from Pokerist….lol. I hope that all is well with you and Marie. Give my regards to the family.

    Love ….Dave

  7. When you get chance again to go on pokerist let me know mate I can get you moved to server 3 where Marie and I live now lol I have built up to 28 bil and will gladly boost you mate as you did us when we needed, if you leave a message we can meet up on there to arrange it all, great to hear from you again, we think about you to a lot mate you constantly come up in our chats

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