La Casita de Familia – Shenandoah, PA

As previously mentioned …… There isn’t a lot of variety in this area when it comes to the restaurants.   I’ll start my series of blogs with a review of “La Casita De Familia”.

“La Casita” is a small Mexican restaurant in Shenandoah, PA.  Shenandoah is a nearby borough that recently garnered national attention after the murder of an undocumented Mexican immigrant and the cover-up by the local authorities.

The restaurant features authentic Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, carnitas, tacos, menudo, Camarones (shrimps) a la Diabla, Pescado Frito (fried fish), pozole and caldos (Sunday only), tortas, gorditas  and other choices.

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Pictured above are Gorditas from La Casita De Familia.  (The presentation is my own creation.)  They are made of corn meal pouches that are toasted and stuffed with your choice of carnitas (roasted pork), ground beef, chicken or steak.

This is my favorite dish from this establishment.  I also enjoy their “Caldo de Res”  (Vegetable Beef Soup) whenever they serve it.  The problem is that you never know when they will make it.  Every Sunday they feature a soup, either beef, chicken with vegetables , and  …… either pozole or menudo.  The menudo is very good when they have it, however it lacks hominy. The pozole is made with either red or green chile with pork.  The pozole contains hominy (large kernels) and is topped with lettuce (instead of cabbage)……  not a good topping.

All in all …. La Casita is a pleasant surprise.  Especially in a community that has such a tiny population of hispanics.

I’ll give this restaurant 4 stars ✭✭✭✭.  I would rate it higher if they would expand their menu.

Until the next review …..  Happy dining!

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